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* Pet Contract, with year genetic health guarantee...
Thank You Holly
Nita is the best thing that has happened to me...

Pam   May 2017

exotic bengal cats for sale Bengal cat breeders, bengal kittens for sale I ship to NH, MA, RI,

 CT, MJ, DE, MD, DC, NY, VA, PA, and other United States

Most are sired by
Regional Winner; Supreme Grand Champion
Helios of Trendar 

Big Boy .... Helios

gives all his kittens outstanding rosettes
with deep black outlining and warmer center tones
Muscular body and his strong healthy genetics

also his sweet purrr-sonality.

My Bengal Kittens have Active Confident Bengal Purrr-sonality that you have come to expect from
Trendar Bengal Kittens.


to reserve your Bengal kitten


bengals like to play

Feb 22  2017
sired by RW SGC Helios
Regional Winner; Quad Grand Champion Faith is bred to Helios


QGCH Faith 

Bengal Kittens Born Born February 22 2017

Faith's Rosetted  Blue Collar Male
is available






*** It would be great to see blue collar boy
*** go to a home with children

 After playing he wants to be cuddly on your lap

If you want a cat who will talk to you....    blue is your boy

Faith's male Blue Collar boy is available


Faith's Orange collar male is available

His background has developed into a rich deep warm color
He likes to dance on my keyboard to get my attention...



  Meeting my pet Bengal



Faith's Orange collar male is available








Faith's Girl is Available... Spayed and ready for a new home now







bred to Helios

kittens born 3-12-2017

Chickie had to have c section and did not let all her milk down
I had to bottle feed these 3 kittens...
When they started on soft food they needed a face and hand wash
or full bath after each meal....   LOL
super boding time, they will be cuddly purr babies

Lots of bathes... but they and I enjoy the personal cuddle drying time

All of Chickie's kittens have large black outlined rosettes
with warmer tones in the centers

Chickie's kittens are now spayed and ready for new homes

Chickie's Female A  available



Chickie's Female A

is available


Chickie's girl B is SOLD
thank you Eric


Chickie's Male   available




Chickie's Male    available

next litter


IMARI HAD 2 KITTENS May 25, 2017


Imari is F4 generation, sweet and mild mannered
she is covered with 'paw print rosettes'
Imari has been sleeping with me every  night...

This is the first litters for Imari


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Adult Bengal Cats
no one available at this time


Caitlyn has adopted 2 retired girls from me... after 12 years the first, Ipanema, passed away.  I am thankful that she gave a loving home to another of my retired girls

Hi Holly,
After a long but safe drive, Elle is in her new home.
She has reached a few places that a Ipanema couldn’t,
 She is still a bit insecure about the new surroundings, but I think she will be comfortable after a couple weeks.
She has hardly made a sound, but I expect that will change as she settles in.
Thank you for trusting me to give a good home to Elle.
I am looking forward to the years ahead as she adjusts to apartment life.
Best wishes,
Caitlyn    April 2017



Seeing is believing in health and temperament



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healthy happy confident well socialized
Bengal kittens raised inside my home.


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Trendar Bengal Kittens

My kittens come with a full 2 year genetic health guarantee.
They are spayed and vaccinated when you get them.
They are handled every day from birth, making them
very confident and 'kid proof'.

Shipping is $400. from CRW, Charleston WV..  if I have to use the DASH service or drive to Huntington or Columbus Ohio it costs more....
Shipping fee includes airfare shipping crate food and water bowls, a supply of food that they are currently eating and health certificate.
                  I no longer ship Internationally.
Or you are most welcome to come and pick up your new Bengal kitten in Charleston, West Virginia  :-)  
....  not CharlesTOWN ....

Price my PET Bengal kittens are usually from $2500. to $3500. including spay / neuter and health contract guarantee.

Taking Care Of Your New Kitten bengals like to play


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Notes From
Loyal Customers


Trendar Monst, owns Tom and Lynn

Hey there Holly. Any buns in the feline oven?
As I told you back in the fall, Tom and I want to get 2 more
of your babies to join the family.

(Aside: OMG, I need to send you a couple pictures of Monst and Beebs
(born of Berta & Dreamweaver on 11/7/11). They are simply wonderful.
Anyway, now that we have thought it through even more, we have decided
that we definitely want 2 babies (as you can imagine, our “big boys” are
thick as thieves – they just adore each other).
 Also, we want 2 more males.

You gave me some names of other breeders while you wait, but we were SO happy with you and are loyal customers–
Just they way you are so easy to deal with; the way you worked with us
to get the boys neutered early and allowed up to pick them up on
December 19, 2011, just in time for Christmas.
Anyway, if we can work it out again, will we drive to WV to do the same thing.....
Hoping for some fertile news!!!
Lynn and Tom, Feb 2013
 April 2014, Tom and Lynn return to Trendar for
Trendar Bengal kittens #3 and 4 :-)

THANK YOU Tom and Lynn

 for your trust in me
and my Bengeal kittens


bangel   bengl   bangel   bengals   bengal kitens for saleReach for the Best



I have since purchased 3 more Bengals for breeding.
 None are as sweet s this Trendar Boy.

August 2015   

 Hi Holly

I just want to let you know that getting a second Bengal is one of the best decisions I have made lately.
It is funny how I have had Sophia for less than a week and already cannot imagine life without her. Silly kitty…
She is so sweet and funny. She cracks me up everyday with her mischief!!
Thanks for everything.
Marie in West Virginia  now has 3 Trendar Bengal Kittens
August 2013


Grateful clients after 8 years
Hello Holly,
I am reaching out to you to express our sincere gratefulness for offering such a WONDERFUL cat into our lives. "Raja"  is the Queen of the household. She is such a joy to be around -- extremely personable, loving and playful. Everything that we could possibly hope for with a feline. She is an amazing cat with our young girls, ages 2 and 4 and rules the roost over our dogs. We ensure respect all the way around! Raja's 8th birthday is coming up in April and I wanted to let you know how appreciative we are for receiving such a beautiful creature from you.

-Tina, Howie, Caitlyn, Camryn & Raja     Feb 2013

A few Trendar Bengal kittens in their new homes





one of my favorite, very old photos...
YES Trendar kittens tolerated 'dressing up'.

Maries Bengal Kittens
Here are the words I would use to describe our new Trendar kitten: VERY energetic for significant periods, completely fearless, strong, powerful, mischievous, extremely agile, a thief, tries to take whatever it is you have so she can run off with it. She will try to pick up anything.
I have never seen anything like it. She is just gorgeous and would be very photogenic if she would hold still long enough to take a good picture.

She has a new soft cat carrier that she really likes. She gets things from around the house and drags them in there. At the moment, she has a plastic spoon and a pot holder in there. She also likes to jump out of it. She is a Cat in the Box. One day I may wake up and find myself in there.

She has brought a lot of laughter to our home.



shipping is $400. within the continental USA
when shipping from Charleston WV 'CRW'
on Delta Airlines.
the airlines have raised prices, the cost of shipping crates and health certificates have also gone up.
$400. covers most current air fare and associated fees

If I have to ship from Huntington WV, Columbus Ohio, or ship DASH, these costs extra.


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A few more thank you notes
In just a couple of days I have Trendar Aki bonded to me. (older cat) Edison is quite alright with it all.
....Aki is at my feet right now. He follows me every where I go.
Holly, he is pure joy. He is a REAL Bengal. He flies!!! He is so happy and healthy.
He is just amazing, and I want to thank you for being out there breeding such precious little creatures. It was meant for me to find you.
Patti in San Diego, CA  8-23-11


Mowgli arrived and he is more than we could have hoped for. Within 5 min. he was purring and letting all of us hold him. It is obvious how much love he has been given, as he is so trusting of humans! Thank you so much.
We LOVE him!!!!
Sherry, March 2011

Bengals like snow
HI Holly,
In 1996, several months after my cat of 20 years moved on to kitty heaven, my husband Kent brought home to me the most wonderful gift I have ever received.
We named her Trendar Adage... She was born on March 24th, 1996... Now, nearly 16 years later, Adage, (nickname "monkey motion") continues to be total joy.
... I just had to email you to let you know that this cat is the love of my life and neither of us could love her more. She is getting older now but still plays like a kitten. She is the sweetest animal I have ever known.
Thank you for all the years of love. I hope she stays with us for many more.
I am including a photo of Adage and me here in Vegas this past December when we had a seldom seen snow storm. She played in the back yard in the snow and loved it.
Kindest regards, Karen and Kent    June, 2011

Bengal cats and dogs
Hi Holly
 These two have bonded and play all day.
Brady puts up with having the cat hang on his ears and tail and he loves his baby kitty.
I have the greatest praise for how your breed and raise these wonderful, beautiful and intelligent cats.
You have found the best traits and bred fantastic cats.
BB has the most expressive face I have ever seen in a cat and the best contrast in a Bengal.
He plays fetch with me every day and never wants to quit.
 He loves his new jungle gym. It is 6 ft tall and
Cookie (my older cat) hides in the box and slaps BB when
he goes by..... So funny.
He has never had an accident!!
Linda G                October 2011

HOLLY!    I've been so busy playing with the little one I haven't had time to write!  ....she was a little motor box who started purring the second we saw her and still hasn't stopped ... I had to drag myself away from her long enough to come to work for a little bit! Also, on the the drive home she stuck her little perfect paw out of the kennel and I put my finger up to her she gently and gingerly placed her little paw on my finger and we drove the rest of the way home like that.

I honestly haven't been able to take my eyes off of her as she is a CONSTANT source of amusement and affection.
Kayti,       March 15, 2011

p.s. every person at the pick up area was commenting on how beautiful she is and I couldn't agree more.  Every one at work has asked me how she is and I simply respond with "perfect".

bengal cats, bengal kittens for sale      bengals like to play  bengal cats, bengal kittens for sale

Bengal Kitens for sale in WV   bengal kittens for sale in the midwest
all these are Trendar Kittens that I played with... Literally and their images :-)
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  when adopting an ADULT CAT
 such as a retired breeding cat

this works for introducing new kittens to established cats too.
special attempts must be made to
keep the introduction positive
click here to learn the basics

with permission from Marilyn Krieger
Marilyn is a cat coach. 
She is EXCELLENT at helping solve all kinds of cat problems.
PLEASE contact her for help in difficult situations.
See her contact info  at the above link...

    Bengal Kittens for sale from bengal breeders
beautiful bengal kittens for sale
Why are Trendar Bengals BETTER

Bengal Kits for sale in WV Inspected by TICA international judges to insure genetic strength, temperament and beauty are passed on to the kittens that I offer for sale as pets and for showing, and occasionally for breeding.

Bengal Kitens for sale in WV Trendar traditional and Spotlite silver Bengals are from well known Champion to Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines.

Bengal Kittens for sale in WV When you buy a pet Bengal kitten from Trendar it is spayed / neutered before you get them. Trendar kittens are healthy and happy. 
This I guarantee is writing with a signed contract.  
                         Breeding the Best Bengal Kittens for sale for over 20 years

Bengal Kittens for sale from bengal 

 breeder Trendar in WV near Ohio and KY

More Trendar Kittens Below ... in their new homes


Bengals and Kids play well together Hello Holly,
 The kittens are just wonderful and are so great with the kids. Belkie, the male, loves to tear up a paper towel roll while Kira, the girl, stands by and watches him as if to say, "this can't be good, your gonna be in trouble for this!". They are sooo funny. They love it when the kids take a bath and will almost climb in with them but don't get quite there. As you can see by the photo, Belkie likes to sit in my daughters doll highchair, it's quite comical! They are so good natured! They let my daughter put them in the stroller and the baby car carrier and they just sit there and go along for the ride.

I also wanted to find out about your upcoming litters. I have a friend who has just fallen in love with my two and would really like to have a Bengal. I will keep checking back at your web site.
Thanks again for the most beautiful and wonderful babies!!
Cheryl,     March 2010

playing kitten

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