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Bengal kittens frsae in Chrleston WV


I call it a cat nap... but I don't sleep... LOL

Socializing is an important part of how I raise my Bengal Kittens for you.
I Sit on the floor where I serve 'goodies' dry food mixed with canned food, cheese, or?  I pet and pat and rub and lift their feet off the floor while they eat.  They only get goodies while I am touching them learning to enjoy human fondling with good things to eat..  After eating and lots of new experiences, sounds, colors, textures, climbing and playing the kittens seek a warm place for a nap. My lap works.   This teaches my Bengal kittens that people offer good things to eat, people like to play and are warm and soft and safe.



 learning the proper place to scratch saves your furniture.

Learning to stretch and play attack his little buddies

Bad habit or inexpensive toy??

Can we sleep on your lap....
My Bengal kittens are sweet and trusting.

Bengal kittens frsae in Chrleston WV

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Photos from clients who are so happy with my kittens
Bengal kittens frsae in Chrleston WV

Hi Holly!

Mom named him Yoda. He is doing excellent!!! He was reserved the first night. The next morning he was all over us. He is adventurous and exploring the house between play and naps. Mom has spoiled him rotten with toys and a nice new bed which he absolutely loves.

He went to the vet on Thursday and got his RCP vaccine and examination. They were in awe of his beauty as are we. What an incredible animal. Of course he got a clean bill of health.

After our long drive home, the first thing I did was take him out of the carrier and show him his litter box where he promptly peed. He has had no accidents around the house. He will stop what he is doing and go to the litter box. He has been great in that respect.

After a long play session, he gets a bite to eat and then moseys over to his plush bed where he curls up and sleeps like a baby.

We could not be happier with him.

I would like to thank you again for the chance to own such an amazing animal. You are a rockstar in my book! We are so excited to watch him grow and mature and form a lifelong bond with us.

Until the next update, we wish you the very best and well wishes!!!
The Magrath's

... Thank You Pamela and James.  Sept. 2020

Bengal kittens frsae in Chrleston WV

We hope you enjoyed and laughed while watching us play
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Bengal kittens frsae in Chrleston WV