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Reference males

Holly Lynn Baker in West Virginia USA

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Reference Males

 sires and grand sires of cats in my breeding program
and male cats I have used and retired

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Lunch and a walk before the long drive home.   
Is that a smile on the face of Trendar Shanti of Border Bengals

Maybe Shanti  enjoyed her xxx visit with Duce  5-1-05
Early July Shanti produced 5 beautiful healthy kittens.
See Borderbengals Felicity on my girls page... my Pick kitten back.
Spring 2006 Shanti came back for another visit , and her daughter Rosie followed suite ... Good things happening out here in the hills...


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Rosetted Bengal with whited undersides

Sweet T

 a rainbow of promises for his kittens
HCM Negative Negative HCM test on Bengal Cat 4-08

 No rib bars, Huge Rosettes, Thick Tail, Small Rounded ears and  an hour glass whited tummy....

more photos and pedigree info


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Outstanding Sire, International Winner, Regional Winner,
Supreme Grand Champion Bengal Cat
Bridlewood A License to Thrill
SBT 05-20-03

Bridlewood World Class Stud - OS IW RGC Bridlewood A License to Thrill

according to the TICA International Adult Bengal standings
11-7-05, 5 of the top 10 Bengal Adults are Thriller offspring!
THRILLER is tested HCM Negative Negative HCM test on Bengal Cat 4-08

Couldn't your cattery use a few more Thrills?
read more about Thrillers show standings and see more photos

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 Cukkla Tigger Woods
   Sorrel rosett4ed male bengal cat

Tigger is a big sweet and beautiful sorrel rosetted boy with exceptional horizontal pattern flow; tiny round ears and thick tail.
He was raised by  Sarita and is now home again.  Tigger is adding hot color and his Big Open Flashy Rosetting to Trendar Kittens. One of his first sons is a KEEPER !
dam; Cukkla Reeba
sire; Sweet Temptation

Click to see re photos and info on  Tigger

huge rosettes on baby bengal kitten
Caterina & Tigger; he was born a Keeper... DW
Trendar DreamWeaver

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Bishopsbengals APPLEJACK of Trendar

currently living at FarOut Bengals in southern CA

dam; Jabari AURORA had a beautiful litter
sire; Koppiekatz RENEGADE
SBT 02 14 08
.dark contrast on rosetted bengal male

Huge Muscular boy with small head and thick tail...
Horizontal flowing paw print rosettes, large and small spots
no stripes...... reminiscent of the wild ancestor pattern
I am anxious to see how he does at show
Apple's deep  rich color is opening into nice rosettes,
photos at 10 months old

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" Comstock "
Whited Tummy Silver Male
 the Best in Black and White
photo at a year old

of Spotlite 
SBT 081205
tested HCM Negative Negative HCM test on Bengal Cat 4-08

Dam;  XOTICATS ZORA/ sire Splendor

grand sire; Silvergene Splendor of Starbengal

Big and Sweet with an extremely clear coat. Snuggles and Purrs and rubs so gently when hugged.  Comstock has Huge eye catching rosettes with horizontal flow from his shoulders to his tail.... Photos a year old show his WHITED TUMMY!
Look deeper, into his big gold eyes and you see  the purr-sonality I want on all my kittens.

see ped info and more photos

BIG Toothbrush

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Silver Bengal cats JuniperRidge Metallica

Intense markings on clear silver background. Tally has proven himself as sire of Champions.... 
will be HCM tested soon


Bengal Cat Silver color male




Champion male bengal Ficuciary

Champion Cattichrome
Fiduciary of Trendar




Trendar's Eureka
    Trendar's Eureka !

" Ricky "   SBT 03 28 01

 Bred and Owned by Holly Borchard
Sire; CH Tejas Yeeha of Trendar
Dam; Hunterdonhall Zanzibar of Trendar,
      SGCH Hunterdonhall Tarzan x Trendar Hidden Treasure

Ricky's kittens are Stunning
 pedigree and photos of Ricky and some of his kittens



Tejas Yeeha of Trendar
YEEHA    SBT 030599 020

Yeeha enjoys the Show Hall. He perfumes all the surrounding ladies, and an occasional Judge!
He liberally shares his clear coat, hot color and tri colored rosettes with his babies and grand babies, like the boys above.

Bred by Lorie Smith    
Owned by Holly Borchard

sire; CH Joykatz Brady of Tejas SBT 060397 016
dam; Tejas Liberty SBT 062797 004

the retired life 

learns to baby-sit

Hello Holly,
Yeeha! has adapted to our home quite well. He's a pretty good mole hunter! He is such a lovable cat, and very vocal. He plays with our two adult labs, but I think his favorite is my chocolate male "Gauge". They are constantly rolling around on the ground with each other, pretty entertaining.   My female lab (Sadie) had a litter of puppies May 9th, '05,   here are a few pics of Yeeha playing ( or should I say educating) with them. When they were only a few weeks old, they were in a kennel on the back porch and Yeeha would get in their kennel at night and sleep with them. hope you enjoy.

rosetted bengal Millwod Eclipse Millwood Eclipse

SBT 0421003

see photos and pedigree here


Eclipse is visiting with Mendy of LnMBengals in Iowa

Millwood " Eclipse"  of Trendar

sire; Millwood Highbrow
dam; GCH Millwood French Lace 
" Lace if famous for her Whited Tummy"

Eclipse is sought after for the possibility of producing whited tummy kittens,  when bred to whited tummy girls... 
 We should know by this fall.... Even without whited tummies his kittens are awesome....
See some of them on my Girls Page

see lots more photos and pedigree info

Millwood Bengal male


TICA show with judge Hammon
photo courtesy of Olek Kuperberg
CHAMPION Trendar High Interest 
SBT 040406
Sire: CH Cattichrome Fiduciary of Trendar
Dam; Trendar Gold Futures

co-owned by Holly and Ree Hertzson

I almost sold this boy for breeding in Canada. But when the US dept of CITES did not come through with official international shipping papers in more than 12 weeks, I called off the sale.
Stunning and Sweet Nature...  This boy just keeps getting better !

see more photos and ped info


CH Crossfire Champion Trendar's Governor Crossfire

Sharing his small rounded ears, thick tail, tiny tri colored rosettes and vibrant color with...

sire of females

CH Trendar's Sahara Sunset 

and Trendar's Naked Truth

Balboa Spothaven Balboa of Foundations

Sharing his Huge rosetting, intense contrast and lean body with Females like Trendar's Fabiolala

SGCH Tarzan RW SGCH Hunterdonhall Tarzan

sire of Hunterdonhall Zanzibar of Trendar

grand sire of Trendar's Eureka 'Ricky'

Great Grandsire of Trendar Chalten


Sire and grand sire  of my Females

BishopsBengals Desiree of Trendar
BishopsBengals Ipanema of Trendar

and more

SGCH DiCaprio SGCH Starbengal DiCaprio

grand sire of Females

 BishopsBengals Desiree of Trendar


BishopsBengals Ipanema of Trendar

and back a few generations in some of my other cats. 



CH Becker CH Becker of Starbengal

sire of Females

Trendar's F2 RU4 Real  and
Trendar's F2 Cinderella

and grandsire of their keeper kittens

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