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Home Page

Kitten Care; what you should know before bringing your new kitten home
                     a 'MUST READ' for all my clients

Contract guaranteeing the health and sweet nature of Trendar Kittens

Prices of Trendar Kittens, how and why do I set a price for a kitten

Early Spay & Neuter; Quick and easy for the kitten
               and no worries for you when the surgery is done before you get your kitten.

Colors and Patterns commonly found on Bengal cats

TICA Registration numbers and brief HISTORY of the Bengal Cat

Evaluation; what do we look for when determining
if a kitten is Pet / breeding or Show quality.

Introducing cats;  Bringing a new kitten or adult cat into your home,
by Marilyn Krieger

Showing Bengals at TICA shows (very old page)

Breeding; the pearls that can and do happen

Cattery; apartments for breeding cats when they are
not inside my home with me.

Trendar Bengals sold for breeding and show
mostly Internationally.... 
updated 3-12

see and read how my kittens are doing in new homes...

New Thanks page started 10, 2012
Thank You notes and photos from happy clients
More thank you notes from before 2008
Inge's thank you notes and photos


Are Bengals Legal
Are Bengals LEGAL where you live?
Click to read the laws in your state and some countries

Socializing Bengal Kittens
is a HIGH priority at Trendar Bengals
bengal head type bangal kittens for sale  bangel kittens  bengal kitten breeders  spottle bengal kitens bengal kittens for sale

to many great photos to choose from...
click on them if you want to enlarge :-)

Socialization of Trendar Kittens is part of the appeal
that brings people back for more than one...
and convinces them that my prices are inline
for the time and work I put into each of my kittens.
These are signs of healthy kittens.

Bengal kittens Bengal cats BengalsBengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals 

If you have time to look over some of these play day pages...
you can see how much the overall quality of my
Bengal Kittens has improved over the years.

You will also see how much time I put into socializing my kittens.

adult bengal cat playing
the Mommas still like to play too


9-20-12  Goldikova and her Kittens

9-29-12 See how much Goldikova's kittens have changed in only 9 days

1-18 2012   Lori's kittens

1-13, 2012  Berta's kittens AND Lori's kittens

12-09-11  Berta and DreamWeaver Kittens

10-30-11 Play Day 

12-09-11 Berta and DreamWeaver Kittens

Dec 3, 2011... Fantasy and Avalanche silver kittens

9-12-10 3 teenage Bengals playing; Hank, Dawn and Chance

5-30-10 Charisma and Sweet T

4-27-10 Amulet and Comstock

4-23-10 Kiss & Tell and Sweet T

11-11-09 Ice and Comstock 3 boys

10-22-09 Berta & Sweet T

10-20-09 Amulet and DreamWeaver

10-07-09 See Amulet and DreamWeaver's kittens

9-15-09 Frangelica and Sweet T Kittens one month old play day

 8-3-09 Lori's beautiful girl Leash training started

7-21-09 Lori and Sweet T kittens playing

7-09 Gracie and AppleJack kittens

6-26-09 Play Day for Amulet and Thriller kittens

 5-12-09 Caterina and thriller Litter

5-30-09 Berta and Thriller Litter

5-12-09 Caterina and Thriller kittens playing

 3-6-09 LOTS of photos of this litter playing

3-19-09 Play Day at 6 weeks old

1-27-09 Play Day photos

2008 and Earlier Trendar Kittens

see play day photos taken 12-07-08
Click to see LOTS OF PHOTOS of 6 young kittens from
Desiree and Securities litters Playing together !

Play day - Outside 3-14-07
Click to see the fun in the sun!!

 Play Day photos 3-31-07
Play Day, 12-07-08, 2 Kiss girls, Rio silver girl and keeper boy DreamWeaver
Play Day 10-29-08  ... click to see Rio's silver kittens
New Play-Day photos11-05-08Kiss's girls @7 weeks old and DW
Click here to see all 4 Kiss girls at 5 1/2 weeks old
Play day 7-08
Play day 3-07
Play day 9-07
Play day 10-07
Play day 11-07
Securities Kittens '07
Koppiekat and Sweet T '07
Play Day '06

Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals Bengal kittens Bengal cats Bengals 


Most Current Female Bengal Cats at Trendar

Present Females 3-'12
Hilltopbengals JungleLor of Trendar
Bishopsbengals Dawnfire of Trendar
Bishopsbengals Amulet of Trendar
Bishopsbengals Berta of Trendar

Silver Bengal Females
Xzotica Charisma


Females that I have retired in the past few years
Drinkwater Black Fantasy retired 11-2012
Trendar Charm
Bridlewood Kiss and Tell of Trendar
Spotlite Gray Ghost
Cukkla Reeba
Trendar Securities
Spotlite Rio DeLa Plata
Trendar Jungle Echos
Trendar Frangelica
F3 Butterfly,
Xzotica Goldikova


Male Bengal Cats

Present Males (3-'12)
Trendar DreamWeaver
CHAMPION Bishopsbengals Intrepid of Trendar
Kanpurr TUNDRA of Trendar (silver)
Double Grand Champion Avalanche (silver)

Past Male Bengal Cats

Abundadots Sweet Temptation... Sweet T
Xzotica Comstock
Trendar Atlas
CH Trendar High Interest
Millwood Eclipse
Bridlewood A License To Thrill... Thriller
more of Thriller's show stopping kittens
Trendar Tigger Woods
other males or  sires of males used at Trendar



  Bengal Kittens for sale