Bengal Kitten Prices

Among the first questions everyone asks is
What's it gonna cost me??


Top quality silver and gold bengal kittens

usually sell pet  Bengal kittens for $2000. to $3500.

Pet price always includes
spay before the kitten leaves.

Sweet interactive purrr-sonality and health guarantee

If I sell a kitten for show / breeding This kitten price is $4500.

It is rare for me to have a pet kitten priced as
 low as  $1200. 
These would be a less sought after pattern
or coloration such as Blue or Marble.

My sweet beautiful retired breeding Bengals
are often priced at $1200.



MY Pet  Price includes spay or neuter before the kitten leaves for your home, Vaccinations up to date and a written guarantee that your kitten is healthy and happy.   Three year genetic health guarantee.

bengal kitten SOLD When you figure in the cost of spay or neuter and that you are getting a Healthy Well Socialized kitten that does not need to be treated for ring-worm, upper respiratory infections, worms, ear mites, fleas or other ailments, you can see that I am offering you a good price....

healthy face

Wide Clean Eyes, Clean Ears and Confident Playful expression with good clear color and intense contrast of pattern, always some rosettes on short soft coats.
You can't beat a

 Bengal Kittens from Trendar...

My Veterinarian does Spay  as early as 8 weeks old.
In over 20 years, I have had no problems with early surgery.

Read the many notes from my happy clients on my Thanks / reference pages

Very Rarely if kittens get to be 4 months old and are not sold I lower their price.


Maybe I should not tell people this, but if they want to wait to choose a kitten that remains,
and may better fit your budget, that works for both of us :-)

But remember, the kittens that remain may be ones with least desirable color or pattern ....  

If they are kittens that I have held back to evaluate for keeping, breeding and showing!
 I may later decide the kitten did not mature to expectations.
 In this later case the kitten will still command a higher price.

click to learn more about kitten evaluation

Usually the kittens need to be at least 3 weeks old to set a first price.  The Bengal Babies change so much in the first few weeks and months that the price can change too. Once I tell you a price on a particular kitten, and you send a contract and deposit, I will not raise that price for you. If you do not send a deposit and contract, and the kitten improves, the price changes accordingly.   I have the right to not sell kitten if it improved into one that I want to keep.  In this case you get first pick from available kittens.

With my many years of experience, I can evaluate pattern and color fairly well at a few days old. Contrast, coat quality and conformation continue to change in the first 5 to 6 months of age. Bengals have subtle coloring changes with the seasons, through out their life.

You can find cheaper priced Kittens, like these .. I found at an online auction. They were listed as Bengals???

? can you see the difference ?
 The spots are very small and uniform in size, they are also for the most part vertically aligned, like broken tabby stripes. The colors are muted, not vividly contrasting.... These could be Ocicat or Egyptian Mau kittens just as easily as poor quality Bengals.  

25 years ago many Bengal kittens looked like this.  Not Today!

 Reputable breeders have worked hard at upgrading the quality and patterns
 of their Bengal Kittens and the breed as a whole. 

ALL Trendar Bengal Kittens have good contrast and rosettes of some type, size and shape.

bengal cats

generally speaking the larger the rosettes the higher the price

  If you search around for low cost Bengal Kittens.... 

PLEASE look closely at the eyes and ears and nose and under the tail. 

Check for fleas, flea dander
(like little coffee grounds on the skin) 

Check for any places that have hair missing... could it be ringworm?
PLEASE do NOT  feel sorry for a poor quality, unhealthy kitten so you can take care of it...

This encourages the breeder to keep on doing what they are doing.... Producing inferior quality genetically weak kittens
in an unsanitary unhealthy environment.

Also be sure the kitten is well socialized, handled  a LOT every day.... and exposed to many sights and sounds.  


My kittens are all inside my home, with sounds of the kitchen, cleaning and music... 
They meet other cats and even sometimes dogs and kids  :-) 
They get lots of play time and learn confidence and trust.

  I play with the kittens every day!  Trendar Kitten

I will ship my kittens when weather permits. Shipping within the United States is usually $400.
 including Priority Air Fair, shipping crate and Vet. health certificate.
Your kitten arrives with TICA registration paper,   health records,
and a supply of food that he is currently eating.

Again, all pets are spayed or neutered before leaving for their new homes.

Shipping is quite safe, but it is not fun for anyone.  Shipping is done as a courtesy. Many hours can be spent to secure a schedule. Unlike the thought that you call once and they give you the correct info, this is NOT the way it works.  Try it :-) call 3 times then compare what you have been told...
 After repeated reconfirmation at the 800# and the airport,  occasionally shipping still does not happen as planned. It takes time and gas for me to get to the airport.  My preferred vet is 45 minutes drive each way to get your shipping Health Certificate...
I will worry about the flights until the kitten arrives safely at it's destination.  In 24 years I have never had a kitten lost or injured, but I have had delayed flights, missed flights and very concerned customers.
I usually ship from a small airport, I know my kittens get special handling from employees here. This small airport has commuter plains to connect to larger plains. I am sorry but I must pass on this extra cost to you.

If you choose to drive to Trendar in Charleston West Virginia
to pick up your kitten, I must collect 6% state sales tax.
$60. on each $1000.

After you have enjoyed the volumes of info on my 40 page web site
please write and ask any other questions,

I am more than happy to help you,
now and after you purchase a sweet beautiful unique Trendar Bengal kitten.

to learn more about how a price is set on kittens
read my Kitten Evaluation Page


If you have room in your heart for a Bengal
but can not currently pay for a kitten
please consider sharing your love
with a Bengal in need of Rescue



You are Most Welcome to visit Trendar Bengal Cats
You can meet and interact with all my Bengals.
Personally pick out or pick up your new kitten here at Trendar. 

Please make an appointment so I will be home when you arrive.

Lots of information about Bengals

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