Contract for Web Site Design by M*M
Holly Baker,
1636 A Hunter Road, Charleston WV 25311  304-982-5932

Site will be completed and paid in full within 30 days (within 1 week if you get all your info to me fast and correct)
Site will have all links working and page displayed without script errors, photos loading as fast as possible with the quality that you want.
You are paying for my HTML, layout  and design;  graphics and/ or JAVA are a courtesy.
Complete Custom Site,   4 or 5 pages, $700.  
each additional page is usually nly $50.

Includes 2 months/ 2 hours per month updates.
Future updates are $20. per hour.  Or you can learn to do the maintenance. 

Homepage; Basic background and site links to use on each page. info about your breeding program and a few photos, and links other sites as you specify (clubs, rescues, other breeders, etc). 
photos to represent your animals; text about your breeding program or ?.
Adults pages; single page for 10 or less photos / animals.  Can include;  photo of animal,  Name, reg #; Parents Ped Info if you wish, and a blurb about each animal. More animals require a second page, maybe studs page and females page.
Kittens For Sale page;

Gallery  favorite photos, thank you notes, show news, family, other animals or?
This is to be YOUR Site, it needs to reflect you. For this I need your ideas. 
1.FORMAT; Start surfing, send me addresses of pages you like, for layout or coloring. I make changes to these features only 2 or 3 times. 
A. if you want to be very choosy I need your direct details, clear communication up front. 
B. If you say, maybe fur or leopard print, flora, and a color, I can custom make 2 or 3 backgrounds for you to choose from; and do basic layout to look neat and clear.
2. PHOTOS; start collecting or taking them now. Some layouts can't be completed without having the photos in place. This means knowing the size, width and height. I need photos that you think are good enough to publish. With your approval, I will tweak for contras/ clarity and size to look best on the web.
3.TEXT; you must write your own text. I copy it and paste it on the site. I do not write for you. I change the text only 2 times. Please be considerate and edit before you send. Changing one word can throw off the layout of a section or page.
Print name legibly; 

Date _______            '12 Sign; ___________________________
street address

Phone; __________________                   E mail _______________

web address http://www._______________________________   host name                    

Site ID ____________________________ password_______________
$100. deposit due with contract. Final payment due in 30 days or sooner,
if web site is finished. This guarantees you will get a site finished in a timely manner. It also guarantees that you communicate clearly, type text correctly the first time, send good photos, not changing your mind and my work without regard to time involved in design and layout process.