Going to TWO cat shows in August 2003!

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I loaded my things for the 11 day trip...  I also loaded SEVEN kit / cats.....

1. Ipanema for showing
2. a very sweet pet going to Mr. and Mrs. Commisso
3. Jungletrax Instant Vintage 'Vinny' going back to spend 6 months with Anthony
4. SGCH Denali who will spend 6 months to a year with a wonderful couple that just purchased a pair of breeding / show kittens from Millwood.
5. 6. 7.  Stunning kittens going to Mendy and Russ Baugh of Baugh Bengals in Iowa. They are new breeders that I have been working with for about 2 years.  

The crates included water bottles with the little balls that let the cats lick out the water, dry food,  hammocks and a litter box to make the ride more comfortable for all.

loaded to go

Everyone who knows me knows that I do not like driving... but I decided to take my Beautiful Girl
"BishopsBengals Ipanema of Trendar" to these shows. a total driving distance of 1,545 miles.....

I received my new Nikon Coolpix 3100 digital camera the day before I left.  Geoff helped me set a few basics and put in the batteries and memory card.  I left hoping when I snapped it would take a photo :-) My first stop was the rest area at Cumberland Gap. this shot was down a hill and across the divided 4 lane. While on Long Island, NY Joel Hertzson showed me how to view what I had taken.  I was amazed that when we zoomed in on this photo we could see ripples on the water!!  WOW... Can't wait to take new kitten photos :-)


Showhall Lancaster PA

This is a view of the first show hall in Lancaster PA.  On the left side of the photo you can see some of the vendors.  They bring lots of toys for cats and cat owners.  This includes cat teasers, balls, catnip toys,  cat beds, bowls, blankets, carriers, show supplies like herbal meds and calming agents 'best used by owners as well as a few cats' :-)  Lots of trinkets like jewelry with cats, lamps with cats,  t-shirts with cats,  cat figurines  and things to numerous to mention....

 On the far right side of the above photo, the white partitioned areas are the Judges Areas.  The judges cages are not decorated.


cat cages cages Syracuse NY

If you have not attended a show. Your cat goes into a cage on a table that is decorated by the owner. 
These are in the center of the show hall above. 
Then each cat is taken to the Judges areas as they are called. Usually around 200 plus cats in each show.

Ipanema In the Show hall Ipanema

There are 6 or 7 judges each day at a cat show.  You take your cat from the resting cage to each  judges cage. All cats of a breed are judges at the same time by each judge. This gives your cat 12 to 14 chances to get points toward their new show titles like Champion.  This is a VERY SHORT version of what goes on :-)

I still think Ipanema was the pettiest cat there ! ! !  It was  a bad choice of shows... Breeders were out in numbers with their BEST! The second show was the Annual Awards Banquet.  This show had most of the cats that were receiving awards for being the HIGH winning cats for the 2002 - 2003 show season... Poor Little Ipanema was up against several beautiful seasoned show  Supreme Grand Champions!

baby Ipanema Ipanema got points for her stunning color in nearly every ring...

 BUT, she was not a happy camper.  

As you can see here she lives up to her baby name of Screamer...  

She does not just talk, she wrinkles up her nose and screams.  She should have been an opera star or maybe a rock singer.... Judges do not like Loud cats.  Ipanema was going out of her fist heat and did NOT want to see any male cats.  She not only screamed at them, she changed her tone to sound like she wanted to Kill them!! The judges chose quieter cats for the Big Point awards.... Ipanema did not make Champion...  Yet :-)

I took photos of her with a Judge but the camera was acting strange?  it was not full, but I think my brain is.... more to learn.


Shows are a good place to meet and get to know other breeders.  I have made some good friends that have shared valuable information about raising and showing cats.  For some people it is a good place to eat great food and drink after the show closes each evening.  I learned about a new kind of beer with an oriental sounding name like Ying Ling.  It was unlike other beer... I drank 2 glasses on Friday and one on Saturday.  And paid for it on Monday.....


Below are more shots that I took on the trip...


ree's home  I took this photo while staying with Ree and Joel and their 2 beautiful daughters on Long Island. 

Not all of NY is city traffic :-)

After the first show in PA, it took over 6 hours to make the 4 hour trip... Traffic was terrible, even for N.Y.

The stress of the show and Ipanema acting up and the long drive home in pouring rain, trying to keep up with a  seasoned N.Y. driver was a bit to much for me.  I spent the first day laying on the back deck. It was quite warm with an occasional light breeze and very light misting rain. a perfect setting for sleeping off a migraine and out of view and for sitting up and barfing over the edge of the deck....

I slept in the x-computer room now cat room on Tue night.  I was coherent enough on Wednesday to watch and help as Champion Trendar's Amber of Cukkla had a litter of healthy beautiful kittens for Ree  :-)

While driving to the second show I tried snapping photos from the car...


brown stones These high rise buildings are called Brown Stones. 

Lots of People live in them... 

  more brown stones There are LOTS of Brown Stone buildings in N.Y.  Where could all these people possibly work and play and Park ????  This is not a place for me.....



I drove on the lower level of one bridge... They have more than one layer of traffic on bridges????

 Shot while I drive Inside the structure

kind of hard to hold the camera steady with one hand while in heavy traffic.....

  Looking out a peep hole at more Brown Stones  bridge window reflections?

bridge Sometimes I drove on the top of bridges too... 

Lots of water out there. AND lots of traffic.


some of the New York City? Skyline.      I saw very little sunshine during the trip.


It is GOOD to be HOME



I know I am living a good life.  I do not want to go anywhere.....

Just leave me home with my few good friends and family and cats

and my beautiful quiet green hills of West Virginia.            Holly    8-2003


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Lots of information about Bengals

Holly's online book.....
Read about Bengal Cats
as I share my 20 plus years
of knowledge and  experience Raising, Breeding, Showing and Selling Bengal Kittens.