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March 2012 at just 8 months old
Intrepid won his
Championship !
consistently being placed just after 2 older SGC males

DOB 7-10-11
bengal cat tested for HCM

Intrepid has sired many Bengal Babies with his sweet nature and stunning pattern.
At 3+ years old Intrepid is as sweet and stunning as he was as a youngster.

Huge rosettes, Intense contrast, no rib stripes
Large size, Super sweet.

BishopsBengals Intrepid of Trendar

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4 years old and still looking Great !
Still a sweetheart too...

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New Breeding Male
Bengal Cat at Trendar

'Savvy' of Trendar

Purrr-fect straight profile,
puffy whisker pads,
 strong Chin,
large eyes,
small rounded ears,
even his chin straps have rosettes....

Rosetted tail
No rib stripes... 'vertical lines over his rib area'


still very sweet and loving.....
all these things he offers to his kittens for you to enjoy.


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lots more photos of Savvy and some of the kittens he has produced 

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