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January 2015
Holly is on a LUST HIGH again


Darrell, below, showing his true colors.  Dec 2014, after 10 months we broke up
we agreed to remain  friends...
I thought this might fend off some of his bad mouthing meHe talks bad about everyone.

March 2014
Finally I have found a KEEPER !
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he ending coming soon

 Holly's crazy
dating life
begins again September 2013

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dancing adventures


January 2013... I am just trying to get to much done
fun, rewarding, exhausting.
And I feel like I am ignoring my very important friends...
and my love life too.
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Yesterday was frantic... Thursday November 1, 2012.

I decided not to look for a boy friend until after most of my construction is finished... I want them to work like  slave for me... not a good thing :-)  I do still have my helper when he can show up...

I did cat chores then started painting the ceiling in br 2 / nursery,  had bag on my head and work clothes on and no make up.
Got a call from the airport that my 3 new kittens had arrived... 14 hours late. They are STUNNING and SWEET Karen's kittens always are.. wish I had more time to play with them today...
On the way back from the air port I got a call from suddenlink man ( Michel) he was almost here and wanted directions. I was passing his truck and waved and said follow me :-)
Finally internet and phone again... baggie back on and e mail working I got an e mail from renters in old house. It had 2 ft of water in basement and gas water heater not working....
I have not done much work with metal pipes and gas... I do OK with PVC. I called for a new water heater, I know it needed one,,,
Then the washing machine repair man came. this house came with nice looking Washer and Dryer.. neither one works. I found a washer in the mark down section of Lowes... but it needs repair. Seems pretty common these days, so the repair man said... they come with faulty control panel or something... should be fixed Next Thursday...
While he was working with the washer I called my big sister, Lynna. Her and her hubby came to the old Grant St house with a rented sub pump for the... YES 2 ft of water... It was up to my knees and VERY when I waded in to take out the old sub pump.
I did now know which beaker it was so just turned everything off :-)
I mucked about with it but could not get it to run... daaaa. maybe it was because the breakers were off.. LOL
I think I had turned them back on by then... My Sissy showed up with the pump. but after running it for a while she went back and got second length of hose so it would not flood the neighbor's basement as it ran out...
New water heater arrived while it was still flooded so he left it in the only dry spot in the basement...
Sis and Hubby helped hook it up, 2 trips to the hardware store for parts to connect the old copper and soldered galvanized stuff... what a mess.
I Thanked my sis and her hubby. Headed home to wash my arms and legs in bleach water and put on dry clothes. Drove home barefoot with heater blowing on my feet. Feet were warm by the time I got home...
I ate a whole 2 person Stouffers lasagna while dressing and looking for pump receipt.
was on my way to check out the basement on way to Home Depot. Renter called and asked for details and agreed to keep an eye on sub pump and pull the huge rented hoses back in when the flood was all sucked out. It was difficult talking to her on my cell because I was driving my new 1991 Rattle Trap Ford F150 4x4 pick up... Renter agreed, she could hear how noisy it is :-) but it has good motor and trans and the 4 wheel works if I remember to lock in the hubs :-) That was a Huge Help for me not to have to keep running back to the rental.
At Home Depot of course they did not have any of my pump model in stock. I got a cheaper one. Couldn't be any worse... the last one was purchased 2-12 replaced 4-12 and again now... I froze my hands scooping the sand and stones and such off the bottom of the sub pump hole... that stuff kills pumps.
Long Cold day... Thank God for Lamictel :-)

It is Saturday morning and I am finishing my oat meal with sweet bananas while checking e mail ... One of the cats took a stinky dump and I can't reach the chain on the exhaust fan... some day I will get all that little stuff done and this new place will be all nice and new :-)

Back to the Rental in town with the new pump. I cut milk crate down, 2 times... to keep the pump off the bottom of hole. Hope that makes it lst longer. Home depot keeps replacing them, but it is big hustle. and 2 days of my time. I think I am going to sell that house.
I rushed home Saturday to clean up... the suddenlink man said he would call and take me dancing.
the BAS**** did not call so t 7: I went out by myself to my favorite dancing club...
I danced a LOT with several of the men there, even did the clogging by myself. When they closed down I want for coffee ( decaf for me) with 3 men and one other lady. I was fun getting to know them better.

Sunday back to replace the hose on the sub pump. I went to Lowes first and got some treated 2x4's to make skirting round the cattery. I l got a broken bundle of insulting for the cattery floor. So far this winter all the cats are in one building.
It took bout 3 hours to finish tying the pump to the cut down milk crate, changing the drain hose and testing the pump... the renter said he would keep n eye on it for me...
The basement floor has springs coming up out of it, and it keeps breaking new holes in the concrete...
  Back home I took some time off to play with Karen's stunning kittens... and take some photos. I need some names, all suggestions welcome :-)  I  am still working  on laptop monitor so can not tell if colors are correct.....

then I started insulting the floor under the cattery. It is about 3 ft off the ground so pretty easy. I have old blue Styrofoam insulation sheets that I used to hold up the fiberglass. Ha to run back to Lowes for more fiberglass and parts to hook up the cattery drain. got new windshield wipers for the rattle trap Pick Up too..
got home and it is to cold to finish the job tonight.
A weekend to remember :-)
Monday after I return the rented pump and go by Habitat ReStore for clips to put n the cattery skirting, then go to Lynn's to repay her for renting the pump... I hope to slow down until about 2:30 :-) then I pick up my nephew Michel to keep him for the election day while his mother works the election.
well... I do hope to slow down and get a few things put away... :-)

Continues... Wed Nov 7... I got up in the night and noticed sparks in my breaker box... I can wire a n outlet or light switch but the big box scares me... I called John, he is by eduction an Electrical Engineer.

On Sunday Nov 10 John came and put in  second breaker box and moved several of the overloaded breakers to t4he new box adding more breakers.   I do miss his hugs and kisses... We cuddled a while before he left....

Looking for a leak in my water lines since my bill was about 4 times the  normal....  found the reason toilet was bubbling back when flushed.  Just a sagging drain line. temp tied it up with some of the spaghetti wires for the old security system... one problem solved :-)

Still have not finished the ceiling paint  in the small Br .... or started the skirting on the cattery.  but did get both buildings painted a dark green so they blend in more with the background  :-)  and started gluing the PVC for cattery drain lines so I can wash out the tom cat pee....

Well the frost is off the pumpkin so guess I can go outside...  burrrrr....
Hugs to all


August 2012, my new flame :-)
or should I say short lived spark...

no time for proper formatting....  I am just doing to much right now, read to see :-)

August 7, 2012,  Holly

I just wrote this to my new boyfriend... have only seen him 3 or 4 times....   thought you might get a laugh :-)
Dave is a southern gentleman... he pulled the shoulder of my t shirt back onto my shoulder when it slipped down as we were dancing to rock music at the levy.  :-) things like that.  definitely no sex  yet... but VERY SEXY HUGS
Good Evening you sexy thing :-)
Hope you got the siding finished today Dave.
I can not go to the water park on Wed. 
I think my life might make a good comedy... they say TV has nothing new to offer LOL
the Monday kitten is finally arriving tomorrow about 1:30. on a different airlines
Also Monday afternoon the frig repair man is coming back.  don't  know how I will be in 2 places at once...
I have to go install a door knob tonight ! then get up in the morning and paint the deck on Apt b.
then cleanup to get my drivers license....
then I guess I will go to my house on Rutledge to  wait for frig repair and to go to airport LOL
if it were not so much work this would sound like a comedy.....
oh yes... my cell phone is on Bridget's contract and it does not include texting so have to stop that or her bill will be to high :-)
AND, "Grandview discount bldg supply did not have a door for 2X6 walls...  AND the staff at the new vet office today was an incompetent nightmare...  giggles....   do you know anyone that works in TV ??
I could use some of your sweet hugs to help me de-stress.
  from Holly....   
can I ever slow down ? :-)
I need someone to kidnap me and take me away as their sex slave...
guess I am not that lucky... LOL


Holly Made new Draperies for her tiny Duplex. February 2012
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Holly and John,
Enjoying the Mountains September 2011
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John is always making me laugh
2013, we are still friends. 
He brought his new girl friend by for me to meet :-)

New Years Eve, 2011 / 2012
and After....


After nearly a year and a half I broke up with John

he just had to much baggage... could not even afford the gas to come and see me every weekend.

and when he did come he always had a headache ( though the sex was still good) and he slept a LOT.... while I worked...

We parted friends and John said he wanted  to call me occasionally and take me dancing, and not spend the night.  I cried as I hugged him good by.


Disregard below...
I have a Great Relationship going on with John
Almost a year already.... Feb 2012



If you have reached this page you love cats and understand their need to have both human interaction / comfort and personal space :-)

This is something we  have in common.
You and I understand the nature of cats.
Cats and I both share the needs for human comfort and personal space.

I want to cut Way back on breeding... at least on breeding cats..... now on a personal note...
 I want to learn how again :-)

  The past 25 years of my life I have thrown my passion into making my business successful. Animals have been my only passion since my marriage was one totally lacking in physical or emotional satisfaction. We were and still are good friends. But I have come to the point where I am totally disgusted with living with a man who can not tolerate touch and who does not have the ability to trust..  I have been a faithful companion, comfortable and happy on some levels, but I need more. Now that I am divorced I am legally and emotionally free to look for what I need.

My life needs Physical and Emotional Love

I realize with the local population of about 10 people per square mile ... and my age group being around 40 to 60.... my chances of finding a love locally are pretty nil...   thus this page and my desire to move to a more populated area.
I have purchased a new home in Charleston WV and plan to move there fall or winter of 2009.

Jumping a jet and flying to the far regions of the world that this website reaches does sound exciting.... to be honest...  if the financial security were there.... I would be tempted.  But 'thus far' it has been ME always making the income flow in my own life.... I am a bit afraid to just leave my business in the hands of a stranger and chance coming home to ruin.   This brings me back to local.... or at least only trips of a few  days.

single ladies, all looking for something different
me   my niece   and   my sister

 I Need to
give and get Hugs

I don't need smoking, drinking and drugs
a little alcohol is OK, but not daily

there are Many kinds of hugs that say many things.

comforting a baby to sleep.
comforting a child who has fallen and is crying.
friends saying Hello or good-by, I am glad you are part of my life.

Between couples there are 2  kinds of hugs besides the comforts and greetings above.

1. This is the strong shoulder to cry on hug....  It says the world can be shitty right now but I still  love you.
This is when things do not go smoothly. An illness or accident. A business dealing gone bad. a lost job.  a sick pet... A hug to comfort and relieve anything that upsets your balance of security.. Anything that upsets you and makes your heart ache.
This warm tender hug is all encompassing. To mesh your body tenderly close to someone else and let them know you will keep them safe and secure in your heart and arms. This hug gives the other person some of your strength.  It helps them to forget the rest of the world exists... a little vacation from the harsh realities of life. Thus enabling the person to relax and accept the events of the world as they unfold...
This very important hug says go ahead and cry, let it out. Then you can relax and get on with enjoying your life and


2.  the ultimate expression of passion with your clothes on... Hug me as I hug you, Rub your arms around me, rub your body against mine, let me feel you heat, make me dizzy with lust until I have an orgasm.... this is for those intimate times when we are not in a time or place to undress and enjoy each other more deeply.

For many years I have had to be my own strength while feeling emotionally empty....

I need to give and to get ALL these kinds of hugs....


I want to go back
to play in the
warm salty sea


This was my first trip to the Caribbean and I LOVED the warm salty water and sunny beaches. One time of kissing a stingray is enough.

My first x-husband... I was married from 17 years old until 21... Asked me to move in with him and try again in fall of 2007. This adventure into the past started out  wonderfully romantic and passionate.
If nothing else he does know how to treat a lady... when he is sober...  including candle light dinners of stake and lobster that he cooked at home... dancing in the kitchen to Slow and Reggie music.... a cruse and time on his yacht.

 I was so excited about the possibilities for our future that when my divorce from Geoff was finalized I went back to using Tom's last name of Lynn. I like the sound of Holly Lynn :-)
After 5 months of living a fairytale...  Tom started drinking heavy again and ruined it....

In June 2008 I came back to my house on my ranch in the peaceful green hills of W.V.
Being to far out in the country I purchased a home in Charleston WV and plan to move there fall or winter 2009.

My ranch is for sold
farm / ranch for sale in W V. loots of live water and wild animals

Trendar Forever ?   

While I have no problem with continuing to raise a few kittens.. I do not plan to work every day until I die.
I have no retirement or health insurance. Self employment is like that.
Growing up as poor as the clay and coal laden WV dirt.  I have worked to the place where I am comfortable.

As long as I continue to raise kittens I can pay my utilities and eat whatever I want. 

I want a bit more from life. I want a man to take care of me emotionally and to show me a few fun things in life too.... both in and out of the bedroom.

R U the Man for Me

I have met a few men.... and I have learned a few things about what I am looking for and looking to avoid ...

I am not looking for a man just for his money... but I will not support a man either!
I can not afford to travel far or often. And do not enjoy traveling and doing things by myself.  I need someone to share  the expense and adventures and happiness.

I will search until I find what I want then I am happy and work hard to hang on to it and make it work and last as long as we aer both happy.

I need a man that is clean, drug free, healthy, romantic, passionate and compassionate as well as financially secure.
Are you the man to make my eyes sparkle by sharing our passion and love?




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