Old People Don't do this....  Do They ?
4 days at Darrell's Farm, the end of March 2014
I didn't want to come home.....
but it's a busy time to advertise and take care of my kittens.

Darrell says I can quit working anytime I want and he will take care of me.


 Old People Don't do this.... 
Do They?

that is one of Darrell's favorite things to say...
especially when we are rolling around together in or out of bed..... So I keep telling him... " I guess we are not old yet..."   LOL

Darrell is always clowning around, making me laugh...

Darrell does not ride on the highway anymore.  So he is thinking about selling his Harley.
 Hard to let go of such a beautiful and well crafted machine.

Like his horse, his Kenworth and his 1934 Pick up... He shows his Harley

As you all know I ware an ostomy bag....  the little baggie full of shit starts to stink after a few days.
To help keep it fresh I often put in mints or pour mouth wash in the baggie after dumping it.

At Darrell's house one night... It was dark when I got out of bed to take a leak and dump my bag.
When sleeping with someone.. I dump often to keep it flat so it won't explode while cuddling.....
 I was sleepy and didn't turn on the light. 
Just a tiny bathroom upstairs, with an electric candle night light to show the way.
 As I sat on the pot I tried to pour some mouth wash into the lid of the bottle.

I am not the best aim when fully awake in the light...

I missed the cap and spilled minty mouth wash on my panties, my crotch and everything else in close proximity.
 I started washing the sticky sweet, slightly burning liquid off my privates...

When I went back to bed Darrell put his arm around me...
 This is only one of the many things that I Love about Darrell.   He likes to cuddle with me all the time.

Another thing that I love about Darrell is that He makes me laugh all the time. 

Back in bed
When  his hand slid down to my bare buns he said  " OOOO WHAT'S THIS?" in his deep sexy voice ;-)

We talked and laughed for nearly half an hour over my sticky minty spill.
 .... LOL...  Old People don't do this, do they?

sorry about wrong year on the images from Darrell's farm
Such a sweet face.

Being black,  all the cows look  the same to me...
Darrell knows his 16 cows by name and which calf belongs to which cow, and grand cow.  16 cows, the bull and calves are enough to keep the grass eaten down in the summer. And enough to keep him busy in the winter.

I always ride in the tractor with Darrell when he takes hay or grain up to the cows.
One calf had milk mouth from nursing... It was so cute.   Others were eating hay or sleeping in the sunshine



Saturday we will take the Big Rig to an equipment auction to look for a hay elevator...

Kind of overkill,  but all the vehicles need occasional exercise

If Darrell can turn his trailer around on my place, He can haul my new 12" x 16"  insulated building up to his house to make my new cattery building.

It will be close to his kitchen.

The longer I know Darrell, the more I love him...
It's only been 2 months but I feel ....  He is a KEEPER!!!
Darrell tells me that he feels the same way about me.

We met at a dance the last day of January 2014.
I rarely go dancing myself.
Usually I go places with my big Sister and her husband. 
This night I decided to go by myself....

  I sat at a table with friends....  Dancing almost every dance, with several different men that I regularly danced with at community centers.  I almost never go to places that serve alcohol.
  Coming back from a dance I saw Darrell standing there, bent over the table talking to my /  his friends...  I sat... but tried to be polite and not stare.  I was kind of embarrassed... 'with stars in my eyes' as I checked out his great body and the hair hanging out of the top of his shirt.  His well groomed  beard and nice attire .... a bit of a gut, but hay... we aren't 21 anymore.

When he walked away I quickly asked "WHO is your good looking friend and does he dance?"
They said "Darrell is such a good man, he needs to find a good lady.  He has not dated since his divorce from that nasty woman" then pointed across the room.  She lied, stole and cheated on him.

 It was the first time Darrell had gone to the West Side club, or dancing anywhere in 15 months... Since his divorce.

After a couple more dances I managed to get away and ask Darrell to dance.  What a great dancer, so smooth at slow dancing.  He has taught me the jitterbug.

Was it fate that brought up together? 
Darrell had prayed for God to give him a good woman, if it be his will.
He still prays before we eat each meal together.