Holly Baker's home
1294 Rutledge Road
Charleston, West Virginia

My mailbox is set back from the road. good reason to decorate...
I change decor with the seasons


I made the circular walk way, and area in front of porch with used brick
then filled it in with pea gravel and crushed glass from my local recycle plant.
The glass has no sharp edges and sparkles in the sun.
These 2 corner windows are in the Master Bedroom

Summer 2014, I filled cracks in driveway and put a sealer on the blacktop.
Gravel along the edges for drainage
My only Grand Daughter, Autumn,  visited me for 3 weeks of Summer 2014.
After sealing the driveway I dug a drainage area through the sandy front lawn.
Autumn watched me dig, then helped smooth the sides.
Like Grandma Holly, Autumn finds warm rain nice to play in.

It is nice to sit on the porch and relax as I eat... even with the traffic noise.
I know a lot of people that pass by.

All new windows through out the whole home.
After a friend showed my how to make the woodwork
I cut and put up the rest of it of it myself.
I sanded and stained the wood and put on 3 layers of Polyethylene.

click to enlarge this during image. I can't find a before

lots of cabinets, dish washer and flat top electric range
I like the window above the sink

The island gives extra work space
There are 2 pantries in the kitchen
The only thing I had to change in the Kitchen was the central light
the pantry doors and a new refrigerator.

My HUGE Front Room

For many months this room looked more like a 'wood shop' than a room inside my home.
I like the big stone hearth.  But the fire place put our very little heat.
I removed the carpet and had Vinyl flooring installed. Much easier to clean.
With the 2 inch Styrofoam insulation I added under the floor, it stays warm in winter.

there are now Propane logs in the fireplace to add heat as well as atmosphere.
I love the big open floor plan with windows all around.
the French doors lead to the back porch and Hot Tub

Yes I can use the spinning wheel and treadle sewing machine.
I found this HUGE Wood window to replace the old single pane front window.
It was at Habitat for Humanity... Though never installed, it showed signs of being chewed by mice.
I am very proud of my restoration and challenge anyone to find my repair work.
I made the lined draperies too.

 the woodshop / Front room

And me straightening up before going Dancing

click to enlarge

Master Bedroom

I put the 'reading light' above the bed.  Nice to not get up to turn light on and off

I decided to cool the bedroom up with the clouds on ceiling
and one deep teal wall....

the Master Bath
is big enough to dance in

A friend helped me install an 'on demand' water heater under the counter.

My friend helped me put the glass door at the shower.
He made the white panel to make it fit the vaulted ceiling.
I added new baseboard, shelf beside toilet and door to access shut off's for shower.
I added the big wood storage cabinet above toilet, and wood toilet seat.
I added the small heater incase I want it warmer while showering.
Louver door on left is the walk in closet.

I added the shelving in this walk in closet....
It also had space for my commercial walking foot Pfaff sewing machine.


This home used to be 3 bedrooms.
this is the second bedroom.  The third is now my office / nursery.

never lay vinyl flooring alone unless experienced ..... or this could happen to you

Even with 2 doors, I kept stepping in the glue and got
it everywhere... 10-'14 still haven't cleaned it all up.
got so much glue on my
knee pads, I had to cover
 them with duct tape....
so much glue...
Rubber gloves do NOT
work on your feet... LOL

Sticker still on the new window,  Yellow raincoat hanging on clothesline outside window. 
I ware it to crawl under the house... Like for running more electric wire, new water lines,
 laying plastic on the ground,  putting in insulation......

OFFICE / Kitten Nursery

photos coming soon

I made the third bedroom into my office, adding a 42 inch exterior door.


OUTSIDE, the Privacy of 20 acres....
yet close to Charleston WV

The hillside behind my home.
I had many trees cut down for more ventilation to the home.
When I bought this acreage, the weeds came up to the back porch.
It had set for 2 years with little care.

I put down heavy rubber and gravel for a 'turn around' area.

The flowers in the yard are planted in the hollow remains of
a towering Black Walnut tree that was threatening to fall on the house.

Storage Shed

This storage shed came with the property.  After removing the tree growing through
the roof... and calling my sister to help get my chain saw unstuck.....
I replaced the roof with the same metal I had put on the house.
I also replaced rotted framework on and above the doors.
With this barn design, it really is not good for storage.

I had the new Heat Pump Installed.
My brother helped move my hot tub here.  It takes up half the back porch.
I have not found a good small Hot Tub.
My table saw, chop saw and shelves of tools remain on the porch...
to many odds and ends waiting to be finished up.

These rocks were covered in huge 'Japanese Knot Weed' similar to Kudzu.
I pulled them off in what looked like a carpet of roots and moss.

The Bridge into my home is strong enough for any truck


view of creek while crossing the bridge
Nice year round creek with fish.



I have been working on this new office / cattery building at Darrell's Farm
the deck will be enclosed for the cats to play outside

until I move, I have added a new kennel area at my home in Charleston

the cats love chasing leaves in the fall breeze.

I did, and am still doing... a LOT of the remodeling work myself....

 I also like working outside, cleaning and landscaping when it is warm.    In WV, the warm weather usually means rain and mud too....   My brother in law calls me a Mud Dobber... LOL

I  like seeing the improvements of my work.

Most of these images I took, and wrote on, thinking I might rent this place....   But I really like it here, the lay of the land, the privacy just a mile from town and the layout of this home.....  I hope to stay.

Holly,  Oct 2014