It is a new year... 2013.  I hope you are all in good health and good spirits.
I am sorry I have not been e mailing as much as I feel I should.
Or not answering your e mails as long as I should.

Below is a small part of what I have been doing...

Thought I would start by
WOWing you
with one of the
3 beautiful girls
that I got this winter 
from my very good friend
Karen, BishopsBengals. in CA.
no name yet
so I am calling her K3 :-)

the old wallpaper looked terrible, like it had nicotine stains all over it.  You can see a bit of it on the sides of new paper.

I had all new windows put in but before the woodwork went up I wanted the wallpaper up.  Now this stuff said self pasted and no overlap. but as you can see from the nails... it was NOT self stick and it did shrink.  luckily  I had only done these 2 strips.  I had to remove both and redo them.

I had no wallpaper paste so I looked around and found an old quart size bucket of carpet and vinyl glue.  It smelled Old so I used bleach to water it down. Painted it on the wall and it held the wallpaper Great!

I mixed a couple more batches, then found another old can of the stuff. I kept using bleach as  the dilute since it worked so well. this bucket must have been a bit different because it smelled toxic.  Had to throw that batch out ... LOL



this the print close up. from a distance it looks tan. as you get closer it looks like a textured tan, and close up you can see the pattern. I really like the paper.


it is looking good with some of the woodwork finished.

on here it looks icky. it is pretty soft warm tan colors.



I had all new windows put in. Really got ripped off there....

I did this part of the wallpaper, it is ongoing.

My helper that I picked up at Habitat restore .. another story LOL... anyway...

helped me finish the wood frames on these 3 windows.  I am not good at measuring.  I did cut the wide pieces between the windows I did all the sanding and staining and varnishing.  and buying the wood from Lowes and hauling it home....  and I made the window sils.

these 3 windows are  on the front wall. You can see edge of curtain on the other 3 windows. 
The ugly green curtains are just temp to help keep in the heat.
 I have put up part of the wood.  Might do more tomorrow.
top of frame has to be up before curtain rod. 
I had a sheet nailed there, but took it down to work.  only an inch or wall will  be above the
windows so I just painted it.

I took an evening off to play and added the padded section to my headboard. 
Hope soon to get to try it out :-) VBG LOL

These are 2 of the 3 new kittens that I got from Karen.

I cut maybe 20 of these little brush trees with my new electric chain saw.
I got 2 of the bigger ones hung up and could not get them down. 
another time I got my chain saw stuck and had to have my sis and her hubby
help me get it out.   just not enough hours in the day...

the guys that cut trees for the elect co. were driving by and asked me about the cats so I invited them in... and of course being Holly... I tried to take advantage of the,,,,  One of the guys did agree to come back that Saturday and cut the trees off my back bank.  His price was the best I had been  quoted.  and he with his helper did a great job including dragging them all down  the hill to my burn pile.  we tried to light it and the gas and kerosene went off like a bong. very exciting way to end the day. but the trees did not burn :-)

the n sunday they cane backa to vut the huge mostly dead black walnut in front of my house.  
now it is laying in my front yard waiting to be cut up to use in my fireplace.

I HAD to rush the trees being cut because I was having a new metal roof put on.
I fixed one leak and hoped it would last until spring... but I couldn't stop crying when 
a second leak developed.  The trees could fall easily and damage a new roof. 
So I bit the bullet and did something I hate... Borrowed money... to get 'er done!
Speaking ob bullet.  I think I have had prowler so have been thinking about getting a gun.

the new roof going on... they leveled my car port too.
on my pc it looks green.  Still limping along on laptop. My PC guy is coming back to town in another
week or so and will get my new PC going with much better monitor.
His wife told him since he was never home to just get out... So he moved to KY. the pits for me...
 Hard to find someone good that is reasonably priced and that I can trust.
I think he is a great guy, to young for me though...



All this remodel MESS has  really been getting to me, so I spent about 5 or 6 hours cleaning up tools and saw dust and boards in my front room.  My helper , helped me bring some shelving into the small bedroom and I stacked the tools and paint and such much more neatly.

these are actually the After cleaning photos.

when my nephew came home from college he walked in and said, Nice Woodshop :-)

I have a nice rock fire place buried. out the French doors is a porch with my hot tub.



looking the other direction. out the window  that is covered with a  heavy shower curtain...

.is my nice big front lawn, less one huge walnut tree. then the creek and the road and a hillside,

no neighbors :-)


view from my bridge as I was going out to meet up with my Sister, Lynna for morning Water Aerobics then for errands together...

Farm Supply for 10 bags 40 pounds each of pine pellets for cat litter. My niece Tabight came over and unloaded them for me.  She has been helping me with a few of my projects.

some dog food for the stray dog that has beeen hanging around. Guess he doesn't like the cheap stuff. He did not come back.

Harbor freight for  heat gun to repair a  hole in vinyl flooring on hunter road,... I has  not been rented yet, 3 months.
 rubber gloves, Phillips screw driver bits.  I keep wearing them out
a Come-along to stretch the cat fence that is started
saw blades and other misc stuff
I found an automatic hammer. it looks like a drill... I am hoping it will work well enough so I can stop betting black fingernails.,

Beautiful ice cicelies :-) to bad I hate cold so much....

this is my property too.  In the summer I have sat on the little sand and pebble beach.

Again, I am sorry I have not kept in better contact with my friends. 
I have even stopped looking for a boy friend...
When I find one I scare them off by expecting them to work along side of me. 

I am going dancing 1 or 2 times most weeks. and have just started exercising that the Y again.
and I read for an hour or 2 each night under my electric blanket... My hew heat pump is not keeping the house warm enough.  Need to investigate that too.  We did put in Propane for the cattery heat, and one heater in the house.

Once again someone on Craigs list is selling MY kittens. they even told someone that Bengalspot was their web site LOL how stupid can you get....

Oh, my helper that I picked up at the Habitat for Humanity resale store... I will trying to load some 12 ft vinyl siding in my little HHR.  He was watching me and I smiled at him. Then he came over and asked if he could help me load it. I said that would be nice. When we finished, being Holly, I said... Now do you want to follow me home and help me put it up?

He stood there a minute or so and said OK....  That was April :-)

He comes over 3 or 4 mornings each week :-)
he is helping me survive without a boy friend.... LOL VBG

Once again, I am tired and hurting. no time to reread, and the arthritis makes it hard to hit the right keys :-)
it is just me coming though. LOL

Hugs to all....
Hope you are having as much fun as I am.

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