Holly's been Busy
February 2012, new Draperies


Bengal Kitten nursery room and my front room My Front Room looks SO much better now...
John suggested I move the cages from in front of the windows to the side wall.
Than I had room for a love seat.... We Like it :-)
There is still room for my kitchen table and the cat wheel

 I needed to make draperies.
I spent 4 days looking for fabric.  Drove to all fabric and wall paper stores within 50 miles.
Then surfed for 4 to 5 hours a day for 2 days.
I finally found this fabric online at

This site had a LOT of good ideas too
They will even print your photos on sheets and other things.

2 Bengal Kitten Cages in Frontroom I measured the drapes so I could leave the top open and no one can see inside... Sometimes I am not fully clothed when walking around in the evening...

I found these really neat rods... They are like a track with wheels and little clips that pinch onto the curtains to hold them... they roll the drapes open real easy.

In this image I had not finished the valance.

My tiny front room looks so much bigger now... And I still have room for 2 kittening cages.

It is pretty private here. In front of the house is the road with little traffic, then a creek and hillside.
Leopards Pride upholstry / drapery fabric

You can see the corner of my HHR in the driveway.

Out the side window I can see the cattery.

John went shopping with me one weekend and we found this nice love seat on sale for only $200. It is soft and comfortable.

When we are not sitting there I put a Scat Mat on it to keep John's dog off of it :-) She is a good dog...
Dogs and Bengal Kitens


Lighting is bad for this cat.  She is young but stayed with Intrepid for a few months... She is fat and Could be pregnant...

I am holding her to do all the paperwork and testing to send her to Taiwan.  I get one litter out of her while I am boarding her.

I had this space between the windows and it did not look good white...
A few years ago I bought this wall paper boarder on sale for $1. a role.  I think I bought 4 but can only find 2.
I  painted about half an inch of Black on the edges of the windows to look like the paper edge.  Then cut the bottom to fit. Then covered the electric plus covers.



New Leopard Pring Draperies This is a close up of the fabric

good detail of the neat curtain rods too.

Since it is tapestry, I lined the back hoping the cats would not snag it as much... I hope they do not try to climb the front....

... Today while looking for show cage curtains I found a third rose of boarder paper....

These are some of the fabrics I thought about using...

  I wanted to add more color....

Today, 2-27-'12,  I finished calking under and above  the baseboards in my office... to keep cat litter out.
Next I will make new privacy curtains for the cages for when the girls are birthing.

Only about 2 weeks before Kittens start arriving :-)


Last week was my day to make Family Dinner for my Mom's house....

Orange Cheese Cake
I made a 'French Orange' cheese cake
for dissert....
it is low fat and low sugar, 2-23-'12
YUMMM, most people had seconds
I decorated it with Orange Marmalade
for more flavor and sweetness.

Recipe coming soon... It is funny the substitutes I used and it still come out good :-)


Hugs to all