The World's Best Applesauce

  Today is September 27, 2013 and I can't sleep.... 
       Lets Back Up

I have not been dancing in Big Otter, WV in over a year. The last 2 times I went there was no one to dance with.
My sister and her hubby like to go there and talked me into going with them again.

  Four weeks ago on 9- 6 '13  I went dancing with them in Big Otter community center.
This time I danced every dance.... With 2  different men and did the clogging my way,
fast dancing with the group, mostly other women.

OK Lets back up again....I stopped dating about 18 months ago 
      I bought a cheap tiny old house in town to fix up for a rental.
I expected any man hanging around me to work right along side of me, as fast and hard as I worked.. 
They did not like being treated like a slave and soon disappeared.
Heck what's the matter? Can't keep up with a horny little old red head!  HA!  :-P

So I stopped looking for a man friend while I was working to much.
I do have a friend that helps me a few hours, a few mornings a week.
DEFINITELY nothing romantic there.
    After bargaining for about 6 months, and lowering my offer each time,
I managed to buy a home for myself on 25 acres just a mile from town.
It is  in a Beautiful setting with creek curving around the front separating me
from the road. It has about one acre level, a bit piece for West Virginia.
The home has a lovely open floor plan with lots of windows. 
 I, we quickly finished up the tiny rental in town.
I moved into the big place and started remodeling this home. 
ALL new windows and doors. floors, fix some plumbing,
My old boy friend John helped with a new electric box and breakers. 
Non stop work for me. Plus raising my cats as a full time job.
         Thus I have not had time or anything interesting to write about.
After over  18 months  of working 7 days a week,  on both houses..
All the major stuff is done and I'm slowing down again.
  Thus looking for another man friend :-) 
Whenever sex came up I would say,  First I have to know someone for about
3 months to feel they want to stay around. 
That just wasn't working very well for me. 
The first or second date was always the last.

WELL SHIT!  I am getting old and I don't want to be found dead
 in my bed with my vibrator in my hand or in something else !

      Back to dancing in Big Otter 4 weeks ago.  9-6-13
 I had a great time and when asked, I willingly gave my phone number to both men that I danced with.
So OK, I gave my business card to Pretty Boy before he asked.  Then he asked if he could call me.
Pretty Boy never has called me.   The other man, D called me the next day.

Week 2, Friday 9-13-13
   I went dancing in Big  Otter again, with my sis and her hubby.
Pretty Boy showed up with a date that looked like the preacher's wife... Guess I danced to sexy for his taste?
D was there too. He sat with us and held my hand all night. 
 D is not a 'Pretty Boy'.  About 20 years ago he had 3 cancers removed from his face and neck leaving him looking like he had a stroke. 
The Dr. did a crappy job then told D he had 6 months to live.... Thankfully sometimes, Life goes on. 
D has a nice body and half of his face looks good :-)

     I am not looking for a pretty face.... I want a good mind and kind heart and... something else :-) 
D only knew slow dancing,  he held me real tight and when I rubbed my bobs into his chest I could feel his strong muscles flex...
No not THAT  muscle..  we  were  on a public dance floor,  just ABOVE the waste.
  The next time D called I invited him to my home to teach him the 2 step so we could dance more. 
After arriving and seeing my Pick Up truck D offered to clean up the rust and paint it for me if I bought all the material. 
D is retired from that kind of work and now has a small shop at his home. 
"Offering all that work..."  I figured that meant he liked me...  and would be around a while. 
Close enough to 3 month for me.
  He quickly learned the 2 step... after practicing a while around the section al sofa in my HUGE front room
 we did some slow dancing and held each other real tight again.  Golly, hugging standing up is NICE....
Then I asked if he wanted to go in the bedroom.  
WOW how sexy! a hard penis with those big bulging veins snaking around it... 

Friday Week 3.  9-20-13
I drove my old rattle trap pick up to D's house a couple of hours earlier than needed for the dance. 
 D had built himself a cute little house with lots of natural wood and even a sun room. It was very neat and clean for a man house.
He even had flowering vines planted around his front porch.
   I had hoped to have a couple of hours to mess round before going dancing.  But people were supposed to come and see his free puppies.
A pregnant dog had shown up and he took care of her and the puppies. .... 
I was really getting to like what I saw about D.... WAS !

   This left only enough time for a few minutes slow dancing in his dining room and a quickie....  not as successful as the first time, 
 But I was so horny that I managed to get both of us off.   
The first time at my home, he had apologized for not lasting longer...  I loved it and told him so. 
This time he said nothing... maybe embarrassed?  Hay, we are not teenagers anymore.

  That night on the dance floor as we hugged close D had said, now we are not in my front room....
We  were dancing real close, the same as the 2 previous weeks.  I just let it roll off.   
We danced all the slow dances and 2 steppers.  I danced the fast, clogging songs with a silly sweet older man, or with the other women.
D walked me to my Sister's car and kissed me good night.
I called D once during the week.  He sounded preoccupied.  He said a few people had brought cars by and he had not had time to do any work on mine. 
I said, cash customers come first.  D said he was working a lot but always tried to take Friday off and go dancing.

Week 4, Friday 9-27-2013
  When we got to the dance D was not there. 
One of his big belly friends sat with us and asked me to dance...
Hay, no one else was asking and I like to dance.  J wanted to hold me real tight like D did.  Not so fast buddy....
J understood my body language and said he was sorry.  He had a neatly trimmed beard and nice lips...
 but when he smiled and I saw the chew tobacco stuck to his teeth I wanted to puke!
During one song about leaving home early, J said he had left home early too. 
 I said so did I, and that was probably before you were born.  J laughed and said I was still good looking.
D never did show up tonight.  DAM IT ! !
         Finally I let loose with sex and D seems to be cooling off ?
D's lack of attention is making me feel like a slut !
I am so mad that I can't go to sleep,
 so I canned some applesauce. 
God am  I getting old or what ? !

I want to call D and yell how he is making me feel for not calling or showing up to dance...
but then I may never get my rattle trap pick up fixed up ....



what you will need. 
a new sharp apple peeler, good small knife, big blender.
jars and lids, sterilized ahead of time.
2 or 3 bottles of 100% juice.  I use Juicy Juice, mixed berry and cherry this time.
a  big canning funnel ( I use the top of my old Champion juicer)

Organic apples
     that means ancient trees that no one has trimmed or fertilized or sprayed for about 113 years
Apple Variety, Red
     no one knows or cares. but the sweet ones  taste best and cook faster.
Real Vanilla, Mexican is very smooth. add to your taste.

Prepare the cranberry sauce ahead of time
Dried cranberries, any flavor.  soak in a jar of water overnight or longer in the frig.
dump in blender and push the button until they turn into sauce, 
Add more water as needed
Put back in jars and add a bit more water, they continue to soak it up and get softer, saucier.
  They will keep in frig for weeks or until you eat them up.. Wonderful on hot oatmeal...

OK Ready to start?

Get out a couple of big stainless steel  'cat chicken boiling pots'. 
one for cooking in and one for the peals cores and rotten parts.

put some cranberry sauce in the blender, whirl and add juice as needed.
as you peel and chunk apples add to blender,  add more juice as needed.
     whirl until desired consistency, smooth or chunky.
pour into the chicken pot on LOW heat. stir occasionally.
it will taste nasty if you let it burn.

Repeat above until you are so sleepy you can't see any more or until you are out of apples.
when you run out of cranberry sauce just whirl apples with juice.

Add vanilla to taste as you stir and sample

when it is all in the pot (Pots) turn the heat up a tad and start washing up the kitchen mess.
keep stirring !  it will taste nasty if you let it burn.
set out the jars and lids on cleaned counter
get out a 2 cup, or whatever size glass measuring cup you have.
and a big jar filling funnel, wash both with bleach to sterilize.

You can do it without the funnel, but it is a lot messier.
when everything is in place beside the stove....

Turn the heat up and stand there stirring until it comes to a simmer, turn off heat and move the pot off the heat source.
Start filling your jars, wipe the tops with clean dishtowel and put on the lids.
Done :-) ENJOY your sweet tangy delight.

Now I had planned to freeze the jars so I left plenty of head room...
But since all the jars sealed... Do I HAVE to freeze it????
I did not 'boiling water bath' the jars!

OK, so after the dancing and getting bewilderingly angry,
and making cranberry applesauce...
and writing my first draft of this... I still can't sleep
A nice time in my hot tub will do the job.... LOL
Holly B

update Monday October 1, 7:15 PM  
I guess I need to learn a lot more patience.


He had spent the weekend with his grand kids. I explained to him that getting concerned was a girl thing,
especially since I had not asked how many girl friends he had. 
D said I was the only one. He danced with the other ladies, but it was just dancing.

I am going to make Turkey dinner for D this Thursday at my home.  
I think I have some green beans frozen from my garden.   ...
and make some baked potatoes sprinkled with herbs from my garden. 
I got a pumpkin role for dissert.
I hope that might impress him :-)

HUGS to all

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