September 3 and 4, 2011

John and Holly went to the Mongalala  and Allegheny mountains in east center WV.
WE had a great time hiking to waterfalls and through glades...

Enjoy my photos :-)

our first hike was into Hill Creek falls.
not much water this time of year but lots of pretty moss and ferns and wildflowers.

I told John I wanted to hide his belly... But I LOOK FAT !

There are lots of wild plants...  Someone had picked this and left it on the handrail
We think it is Ginseng??  If anyone knows for sure, please let me know.


we walked along the creek for a while. 
Most of the trail is steep and has a board walk and stairs.
It was so peaceful there.  I really enjoyed it...

Beautiful moss and ferns under the trees.


Our Next Stop was Cranberry Glades. 
A High marshland that is a refuge for bears...
We did not see any bears but did see their trails...
The walkway was wood, raised just above the march.

These long stemmed grasses had heads like cotton.

Some of the ferns had already turned a bright orange.
A few trees had already turned their fall color too.


These are not cranberries :-)  I did not take any photos of the berries.
Cranberries are a very low growing plant with tiny leaves.
They were just starting to get ripe.


After hiking we went to a family reunion
that John has gone to for over 20 years.  his friends, not family.
It is a very musically talented family and someone was onstage playing and singing the whole time.
WE had a great dinner then went on to Snowshoe for the night.
Snowshoe is a very popular ski resort in winter.
IN summer there are lots of other activities.

We took the tram ride down to the lake

then took a paddleboat around the high lake.

The trails below the lift are from bicyclers...

Buildings and boardwalk at the lakefront
It was very peaceful floating around the lake.

We rode the tram back to the top...
Snowshoe Mountain looks like the top of the world...

Lots of bicycles...


This real estate sign below seemed rather odd to me...
what are they selling?
It is a sheer drop off :-)

Sunday after we visited the family reunion again.

We went to this huge antenna..
They are searching for SETI
Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
It is the largest movable antenna in the USA.
it is so sensitive that even a mal functioning tooth brush will cause interference.
They have a special truck to locate problems in the community
and fix or replace the items that cause the interference.

On the way home we stopped at Cass Scenic railroad. 
they use steam engines that run on coal... trains from long ago...
it was originally built in 1901 to haul lumber to the mill.
We were talking to the attendants about trying to go to The Bridge day..
Where the road is closed for one day each year so people can jump off the highest bridge...
with parachutes and bungee cords.

We wanted to take the train ride to see the fall colors too.
The attendants said it would be to much to do in one day...
But the main  in uniform looked at the lady behind the desk and said
" Give them a couple of free tickets so they will be sure to come back " :-) 
WOW, that is a savings of over $50. !

We had pleasant weather for the whole weekend.  ON the way home it rained Hard...
But John is a good driver. and I recently got new tires for my HHR so we did not slide around.

Before going home we stopped by my Mom's home and picked up John's dog...

wild leopard look on sweet bengal kittens for sale
Colette is 9 years old and Loves cats...
Then we picked up a Pizza on the way home.  Ate, dumped a few litter boxes
then went Dancing :-)  We were in such a rush that I forgot to take off my hiking boots...

  actually John took this on another of our trips :-)
but it is one of the better photos of me...
I do not look great for the camera.
It was another wonderful weekend with John.
I have not had so much fun in a lot of years...
I feel good hiking in the woods....
Hugs to all....


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