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champion TICA bengbal cats in WV
Holly and Trendar Bengals Cat
proudly winning another Championship
after 25+ years of Breeding Better Bengal Kittens

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Bengals enjoy the snow... for a little while

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relaxing beside me as I work at my PC.

Future Breeding Bengal Queen  " Willow "

Future Breeding Bengal Stud Debonair....  " Bones "

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beautiful rosetted bengal kittens by Trendar

 Striving for even more Bengal Purr-fection
* Genetic Health, * Conformation, * Beauty
* Confidence *Interactive Purr-sonality.
In the beautiful rolling hills of West Virginia 

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.....Often Trendar Bengals like water.....

bengal cat playing in water
This is a Trendar kitten helping wash the dishes...
After drying her I washed the dishes again

...... some younger than others.....
December 2013

Elegance and Intrepid kitten
do benga cats like water
Warmer and deeper would be more fun....
do bengal kittens like water

Ahhh fresh clean water, Thanks Mom
bengals like water

Yes that is deeper, niiiice....

bengal cats and kittens like water

Yesss, now his is the best way to wash up... and get a drink

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Read what some of my clients have to say.

Bengal Kittens and kids
This is a huge THANK YOU!
There are not enough words to tell you how thrilled we are with our little "Avery". He is such a cuddle bug and a purring machine. He had no problem fitting in with the family. Although he has quickly become a mommy's baby, (which I love). Of course he already owns the house & us!!
He is so great with the grand kids, as you can see. It is so evident that you raise them with so much love, Bengal Kittens and kids attention and socialization. I am so glad my son spent over six years researching Bengal cats & breeders and has always said you & your cats are the best. I couldn't agree more.
Avery was a huge hit at his first vet check. Everyone there thought he was gorgeous and had to take pictures. Anyone who sees him just falls in love with him. I can't wait until another one comes to join our family.
I have never had a cat so sweet, so loving & so awesome looking in my life. I can't believe he's mine. "Happy" is an understatement.
Thank you a million times over for being out there breeding such fantastic cats!!!

A very happy & proud Trendar Bengal owner,
Karen                              November 2011

beautiful bengal cats

Another Trendar Bengal Kitten gets a loving home.


We are all, including the dog, absolutely besotted with our new addition. And "Trendar" Frankie has been settling in seamlessly. She is spending most of her time in my daughter's room from which the dog is barred, but now ventures out to the rest of the apartment.
She is acting the full part of the well bred and well brought up girl from Charleston West Virginia.
Thanks very much!!
Ruth, Feb 27, 2012


Tygra loves water! 
Just like you said! 
He is perfect! 
So sweet!  Doll baby! 
Thank you Holly!

Bobbi      8-2014

beautiful bengal cats
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There is a wide variation of colors, patterns and "Looks" in the Bengal Breed.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Most people want the look that I breed for....

flashy tri- colored rosettes that look
'painted on' short, soft gold fur..
with sharp clear contrast in their black
outlined rosettes with redder centers.
spotted Bengal Kitten for sale,  Bangal cat breeders in West Virginia

People want the temperament I breed for, kid safe with sweet, playful confidence.

Bengal kittens for sale

People also want the genetic strength that I bring to my breeding program, No cataracts, No tail kinks, No FIP, No structural or color faults. People also like that my cats are clean and healthy... no fleas, no ear mites, no ringworm. Clear eyes, dry nose and healthy digestive system.

exotic bengal kitens available for sale in WVBreeding and caring for my Bengals has been my Full Time Job since 1987....  I have the time and experience to be sure things are done correctly.  You can contact my DVM or any of the receptionists to ask about the cleanliness of my home, my cat areas, and the beauty and health of my cats and kittens.

Working people who are also "every weekend show breeders" do not always have the time to interact with or the desire to choose for the same things that I do.


The priority of 'show breeders' is to please the judges....

 bengal cats with vibrant contrast Often putting emphases on conformation and pattern far above docile temperament.
I place docile temperament and genetic soundness high on my list of priorities.
... Some show people go to shows with the judges that like their style of cat.  Not true about all cat show people..
  I show occasionally and usually bring home a Champion, even competing against Supreme Grand Champions.
This being understood.... What makes a "show cat" is in the eye of the beholder and the judges  :-)
Cat shows are to political for my comfort.
I would rather stay home and entertain my cats and people visiting to look at my kittens.
When I choose to show, I normally get Champion on my cats in one show. Usually competing with Supreme Grand Champions..
Many cats get nervous in busy crowded noisy show halls....
I get 'high strung' in that environment too...

My office display of some Show ribbons Trendar cats have won.

TICA and ACFA shows ribbons won by Trendar


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beautiful bengal kittens for sale 
  Bengal cat breeders in WV, bengal kittens for sale I ship to NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, NY, VA, PA, and 
  other United States

kids and bengals Bengal cat breeders, bengal kittens for sale in WV
growing up together, Emma and Trendar Tuna are 3 years old
see their baby photos on my gallery page

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bengal kittens and dogs in WV bangel cats

Another reason people like my cats is that from a young age
they run around and experience household life, noise and activity. This helps insure they are happy and confident when you get them.
They quickly become friends with their new human and furry family members.

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14 years old
Hi Holly,

My name is Jennifer Grimes (I used to be Jennifer Knight), I adopted my Bengal son, Cagan, from you in 1999.  I was perusing your website, as I often do, and thought I would send you a note to tell you how Cagan is doing.

This year, in August, Cagan will be 14 years old. He is still handsome as ever and is our pride and joy. He is showing no signs of slowing down. We moved out of our long time house in October, 2 years ago and are now in "farmland". We love it. Cagan is an inside cat, so he give us dirty looks every time we go outside, because he would love to be outside all the time. We take him out from time to time to explore though.

About a year and a half ago we got a Miniature Australian Shepherd and they are the best of friends. Today they are inseparable. They are both sitting in the window, waiting for their dad to come home.

You are still doing a fantastic job with your Bengals, they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for doing what you do. Cagan has brought us so much joy over the years and I do not know where I would be with out him.
Jen    January 2013

Visit some of the larger clubs that register
and show Bengals throughout the world

The International Cat Assn.
American Cat Fanciers Assn.
Canadian Cat Assn.
Federation International Feline
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

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Trendar Rosetted Bengal Kittens and Cats
spotted bengal kittens and cats Bengal cat breeders in WV, bengal kittens for sale 
    I ship to NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, NY, VA, PA, and other United States

Located in the
beautiful rolling hills
of Charleston
West Virginia

The price of my pet brngal kittens includes the Spay or Neuter
before you take your kitten home. Your kitten will arrive healthy
and happy....  These things I guarantee in writing with a signed
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Bengal kittens for sale