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Bengals are active cats


 Bengals are active cats.

All our Bengals enjoy the
 4 exercise wheels
that they share.

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One Fast Cat.


Since 1987 "HOLLY" has been available to help you with
 any questions or problems regarding her Bengal Kittens.
This website contains pages constructed by Holly over the past 15 years.
Several pages are being updated and restored now that Holly has a bit more time
... After 30 plus years it is time to slow down ...

"SUSAN" is now helping with my kitten care
and helping people select their purrr-fect
Bengal Kittens


email Susan at

 phone 304-549-3498



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We stand by the goals that founded
Trendar Bengals over 30 years ago.
Genetic Health, Beauty, Sweet Temperament and Intelligence.

I am teaching these values to Susan and Scott, BengalPurradise.
As I mentor them to achieve my high standards in raising
Bengal Kittens

For your entertainment and companionship.

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   My goals for breeding better Bengals  

Most people want the ' look ' that I breed for

There is a wide variation of colors, patterns and "Looks" in the Bengal Breed.  Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder.

Flashy tri- colored rosettes that look 'painted on'
short, silky smooth gold fur that sparkles like it is sprinkled with glitter.

Sharp clear contrast in their black outlined rosettes
with redder centers.

People also want the temperament I breed for. spotted Bengal Kitten for sale,

 Child safe with sweet, interactive playful confidence.            

People also want the genetic strength that I offer

Constantly vigilant monitoring genetics in my breeding program.
Strong healthy hearts, No cataracts, No tail kinks, No FIP.
People also like that my cats are clean and healthy...
No fleas, No ear mites, No ringworm.
Clean clear eyes, dry nose and healthy digestive system.

YES this takes a LOT of time and work...
* * * * * You and my kittens are worth it  * * * * *

Proud to be a member of   TICA since 1988    

* * * *  * * * * *  * * * * *  * * * * *

February 7, 2018
Cat Fanciers' Association
Welcomes New Breed Bengals

May 1, 2018
BENGALS are permitted full show rights  in CFA shows

The Bengal is a medium to large domestic cat most renowned for its richly colored, highly contrasted coat of vivid spots or distinctive marbling. The Bengal is the only domestic cat breed that can have rosettes like the markings on Leopards, Jaguars and Ocelots. They have been competing in the Miscellaneous class since 2016, and have been promoted to full Championship status, starting with the new show season on May 1.
This change will allow the Bengals to compete against all the other recognized breeds for titles and year-end awards

Notes like these below .... from happy clients... are
Evidence of my success in selecting for genetic strength
and mellow nature while building my breeding program.

the continued contact from my clients make me feel that I am
doing right for my kittens and my clients.

these old Trendar cats don't look like they do today

Remembering me
    after 14 years

My name is Jennifer Grimes (I used to be Jennifer Knight), I adopted my Bengal son, Cagan, from you in 1999.  I was perusing your website, as I often do, and thought I would send you a note to tell you how Cagan is doing.

This year, in August, Cagan will be 14 years old. He is still handsome as ever and is our pride and joy. He is showing no signs of slowing down. We moved out of our long time house in October, 2 years ago and are now in "farmland". We love it. Cagan is an inside cat.
 We occasionally take him out to explore though.

About a year and a half ago we got a Miniature Australian Shepherd and they are the best of friends. Today they are inseparable. They are both sitting in the window, waiting for their dad to come home.

You are still doing a fantastic job with your Bengals, they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for doing what you do. Cagan has brought us so much joy over the years and I do not know where I would be with out him.
Jen    January 2013



Remembering me after 16 years.
Trendar Jerzee almost 16 years old


     Hi Holly
Iím not sure if you remember us, Andre and Roberta, but we bought Jerzee in 2000.
(a.k.a. ďWalkerĒ Ė son of Ricky & Azara) from you over 15 years ago, 2002.

as well as a sweet Bengal girl (Gracie) in 2008.
Unfortunately, we recently lost Jerzee suddenly leaving us truly heartbroken,
but we were truly blessed that we had almost 16 beautiful Bengal years with him
       He was so truly special to us.
Since our Bengal girl grew up and was extremely close with Jerzee, we are very
interested in making sure she has a playmate and was
wondering if you happen to have a male that may be available.
Please let us know when you get a chance.
Thank you again,
Hackettstown, NJ
                  October 10, 2016


Remembering me after 18 years  
These are pictures of Trendar Valentino
the male
  kitten you sold me in 1999.
I just took these picture.  Dec 2017
Val  is 18 years 8 month old.
You can see he has beautiful red fur and he has that gorgeous glitter coat. He still plays, just not for as long.  Connie  December 2017



Dec 2018, while adopting his third Trendar kitten,  Ike writes
I am absolutely devastated after the loss of Amatsu and Eshi after 15 years and canít handle not getting another Bengal. They are such special, loving cats.

I am so excited. 
I canít wait to welcome my new Bengal Baby home.

cutee playful kittens

Educated Clients know scammers
 I was thinking about adopting a Bengal closer to home but it is just to sketchy and there are too many people trying to scam people and/or labeling cats as Bengals that arenít. If you know about them it is pretty obvious that some are not. And some breeders just want you to send them proof you got them spayed or neutered after you receive them probably because they donít want to pay for it. They should be shut down in my opinion because all itís going to do is hurt the breed. ... Maybe Iím wrong but thatís just my two cents I guess.
15 year old pet Bengal cats  15 year old pet Bengal cats  how old do bengals  get

 Bengal Patterns and coat texture have changed a lot since Ike adopted his first Bengal from Trendar
over 15 years ago


see more recent notes on my 'Thanks pages'

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My office / kitten nursery displays some of the
Show Ribbons
Trendar cats have won.

TICA and ACFA shows ribbons won by Trendar

beautiful bengal cats

All pregnant girls live inside my home
until the kittens are weaned.

when space allows girls with no kittens come inside with me too

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